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Pencils Down

Wayne Mennecke

Current rank: 1,251,030

The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1)

M. L. Ruscsak

Current rank: 9,999,999

Burn (Vancouver Series Book 1)

Paul Slatter

Current rank: 275,568

Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences

Lynda Bogert, Darrell Gibbs

Current rank: 1,521,830

Alice: A Survey of Her Calligraphy

Jerry Kelly, Donald Jackson

Current rank: 563,625

FLORA'S SECRET (The Flora Maguire Series) (Volume 1)

Anita Davison

Current rank: 7,978,689

Rescued By the Captain

Laura A. Barnes

Current rank: 2,588,525

From The Darkness

Abhishek Ray

Current rank: 2,196,669

Murdering Lawyers

Larry Fine

Current rank: 19,904

America's Next Reality Star

Laura Heffernan

Current rank: 298,184

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